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Did you know that an average of 200,000 Canadians experience a concussion each year? And while many of them are resolved within 4 weeks, concussion symptoms may last for much longer, even years. However, recently published studies and articles, including one from The American Association of Neurological Surgeons, state that there are several alternative therapies available that can alleviate acute and persistent concussion symptoms.  

Treatment Begins with Diagnosis

In Surrey, as elsewhere, the first step in concussion treatment is concussion diagnosis. In fact, anyone who experiences a significant hit or fall should be assessed for a possible concussion - especially if they have:

·       A prolonged loss of consciousness

·       Seizure activity

·       Progressive or worsening symptoms

·       A history of concussions or other neurological diagnosis

·       A history of migraines

·       Existing mental health issues

·       High symptom load at the time of the hit or fall.

Concussion testing can help medical professionals and patients understand whether ongoing symptoms are indeed concussion-related or resulting from another cause.  

Concussion Treatment: Exercise

It is now believed that after an initial rest period of 24-48 hours, concussed individuals should gradually increase their physical and cognitive activity and start light exercise 72-hours post-concussion. This has greatly lessened symptoms for youth, and much of the concussion research now suggests exercise therapy as the top therapy for concussion symptoms. However, it is important that all exercise be a gradual and supervised programme, which is available in Surrey through a physiotherapist.      

Manual Therapy

Whether or not you have neck pain, studies suggest that it is extremely common to have whiplash and concussion at the same time. Both injuries also share several common symptoms, including headache, dizziness, and visual disturbances, which is why concussion testing is so important and why manual therapy, or chiropractic care, is recommended for treatment of prolonged concussion symptoms.    

Complementary Treatments   

Depending on your symptoms and treatment protocol, you may also find relief through complementary treatments such as acupuncture. It has been shown to enhance the effectiveness of a physiotherapy regime and/or chiropractic treatments for a multitude of injuries. Our Concussion Chiro Surrey clinic offers massage therapy and craniosacral therapy as a means to manage concussion symptoms such as headaches and pain. It is important to ask your concussion team about all possible complementary treatments.  

Treat Your Concussion Symptoms Today

Concussion relief lies in proper diagnosis and treatment. The team at Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center in Surrey offers you full concussion service from testing to rehabilitation through physiotherapy, chiropractic care, and an array of complementary treatments. Call us today so we can help you find relief from your concussion.