Home To A Diverse Team Of Practitioners Focused On Your Health And Recovery

Dave Balfour didn’t set out to run one of the top sports and therapy clinics in B.C., he just set out to run. Originally an avid marathon runner, not to mention a scuba instructor, competitive soccer player, and rock climber, Balfour’s passion was simply sports not therapy, until a tragic accident changed his life.

In 2003, Balfour was involved in a head-on collision that led to a month-long hospital stay, 23 surgeries, and life in a wheelchair until he could learn to walk again. Five years later, another accident left him with four broken vertebrae. Needless to say, the sports were put on pause and the therapy began.

After years of travelling around B.C., Alberta and even Washington to seek specialists for his own therapy, Balfour imagined a clinic that brought “the most passionate therapists, the ones who really want to help people” under one roof.

Balfour founded Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center in 2011 and, true to his dream; it boasts a wide range of medical practitioners, including physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors, all focused on active rehabilitation. The center also offers alternative practices such as acupuncture, cupping, and cranial sacral therapy.

“It’s important to have a diverse team of specialists, “says Balfour, “because everyone’s body is different, and responds to different treatments.”

Balfour says access to this range of traditional and alternative options ensures clients have a more fluent form of treatment. “Because our practitioners are under one roof, they can share chart notes on patients and can talk about what is and isn’t working,” says Balfour. “Patients have a higher chance of finding what works for their body quickly and can begin getting better faster.”

The diversity at Clayton Heights isn’t only in the services it offers. Balfour’s team of practitioners comes from six continents, which helps the center be more relatable and accessible to more clients. Balfour speaks from personal experience when he says, “It’s possible to actually enjoy the process of getting better.”